Megan Sweets

First Impressions

All natural 34H titties greet you upon a visit to Megan Sweets on her site. The girl with the wavy blonde hair loves to show those boobies off and gives away plenty of free looks on the site. The preview video was pretty great and the all the pictures are easy to get aroused by. She has splendid blue eyes, lusty lips, and the obvious desire to turn guys on. It´s encouraging to see lingerie sets and lots of different outfits, including a beautiful schoolgirl set where she plays around with another girl. The panties that say spank me on the back are pretty great too.

Hot Promises

The promise of big beautiful tits that are all natural and fabulous is the real joy of Megan Sweets and that´s what you´ll go in looking forward to. She also promises to update weekly, to give you girl on girl action, to produce DVD quality videos, to get fully nude, to give you thousands of pictures, and to give you great hardcore leased feeds. There are lots of preview pictures that show her gorgeous big tits and it should be fun to get in there and check her out. I´m most impressed with how tight her body is compared to how big her tits are. That´s rare.


Based on experience I know that when a site promises something but hasn´t yet delivered on that promise you can count on it never happening. I mention this because as soon as you log in to the Megan Sweets member´s area you´ll see that she´s promising all sorts of great stuff for her members. These promises include two webcam shows per week, one on one webcam shows for members, candid pictures of Megan and her girlfriends, a blog where she writes for you, a message board where you can chat with her, and a mobile phone number so you can flirt via text. It would be amazing if she added those things but she´s not going to. If she was it would have already happened.

Instead, this is a standard picture and video site. There are hundreds of these online but Megan separates herself from the crowd by having big beautiful natural tits and a slim body. There are 35 content sets with a picture gallery and a video for each. They list them separately so you´ll have to browse around if you want to get the full content experience. The pictures display at 1600px and 800px and can be downloaded in a zip file for safe keeping on your hard drive. The videos play at 1080p HD and are typically less than five minutes long. They can only be downloaded in a full length WMV. The lack of a streaming option is frustrating.

Venturing into the content sets produces great pleasure because Megan Sweets really brings the sexiness when she gets in front of the camera. She shows us her splendid nude tits in every set, just as she promised. She doesn´t get naked right off the bat though. Instead she likes to take her time. That works for me since it´s always sexy to see a big pair of tits in something tight and gorgeous. She gets fully nude in the sets and you´ll get to see her shaved pussy in most of them. The hot box looks quite delicious because it´s hairless and she looks even younger and naughtier.

The variety of outfits is what drives the interest in the set. Most of the time Megan poses solo so she needs to mix it up to keep things interesting. Luckily she´s great about that. If you´re looking for pure sexiness there are several options. One of my favorites is a tiny yellow bikini that barely covers her nipples and pussy. The rest of her lovely flesh is exposed and looks just as delicious as you might expect. There´s also the pink bra and panty set with the pink ruffles. Those are so feminine and delicious! Speaking of pink lingerie, there´s a hot pink set where she poses in a camisole and panties. They too have ruffles and the bright color is fantastic for drawing the eyes where they need to go.

Megan does cuteness well too. One of my favorites in that department shows her in Superman t-shirt and pink and blue Superman panties. Her hair is down and wavy and she has those lovely eyes focused on you trying to draw out a boner. They will get the job done. Her schoolgirl uniforms fall somewhere between the cute and sexy category. It´s awfully nice to see her trying so many different school outfits though. It´s one of the most powerfully arousing looks a girl can work and Megan clearly gets off on it.

You may have seen girl-girl sets listed on the tour. That´s technically true but calling them girl on girl implies more action than you actually get. They do almost nothing together, which is a shame. They just pose and sometimes touch a little bit. It´s mostly unadventurous and is more like a gallery where two hot chicks pose together. That´s fine but it´s not girl on girl anything. My favorite gallery in the entire collection shows Megan in a nurse´s outfit. She wears a pair of glasses and you can see her tits practically falling out of the dress. They yearn to be released and she lets them roam free in hopes of turning you on. I´d be willing to bet that it´s going to work no matter who visits the gallery because those tits are fantastic.

The complete lack of interaction with Megan Sweets is a problem. It makes the site a little small and it leaves you with only one new set per week (that set comes with a picture gallery and a video, but it´s the same shoot). She needs to actually do the things she promises on the member´s main page but I would be shocked if it happened. In the meantime you can busy yourself with the bonus sites while you want for a new addition. There are three sites and they all have big titty chicks. Two are solo girl sites. One is a brunette and the other a blonde. They all love uniforms so you can expect lots more schoolgirl content. There´s also a site with a nice big mixture of big titty chicks. That one has a whole bunch of picture sets and videos.

Croco´s Opinion

Megan Sweets is youthful, beautiful, and blessed with really big natural tits. She puts those titties on display in her many pictures and videos and she hopes to turn you on with them. She gropes them, models them in cute outfits, and sometimes sprays whipped cream on them. The picture sets are high resolution and the videos high definition. Everything can be downloaded and speeds are fast. New content comes weekly and while the site is fairly small with 35 updates at the moment there are three bonus sites to help with that. The biggest problem is the complete lack of interaction with Megan. There´s no information about her and there are no webcam shows or blogposts. It doesn´t appear that there ever will be anything, either. The other drawback is the $34.95 they´re asking for the first month and the $29.95 for subsequent months. Without model interaction that´s a ridiculous cost.


You can get through the site with ease thanks to a good design.

Pricing Policy

It´s $34.95 for the first 30 days and $29.95 for each 30 days after that.

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